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We provide a range of services to suit a variety of situations.  The services outlined below are examples of popular services, however we would be pleased to talk with you to discuss any other requirements you might have.  Please click on the links to learn more or contact us to talk further.

Sustainability Assessments – home, business, community premises, schools and colleges are just some of the areas where we can provide assessments.  Having a fresh pair of eyes to identify areas of waste and inefficiencies can help you to become moreenergy_house sustainable.  You will be provided with a picture of your current situation in areas such as energy, water and waste and will receive guidance and recommendations on implementing realistic targets and actions to increase your efficiencies and profitability over time.

Strategic Sustainability, Planning and Reporting – to bring about the level of change required to address current business risks inherent in climate change, raised consumer awareness and moving toward a carbon challenged future, a business needs to develop sound, proactive and integrated strategic goals.  Taking this next step of identifying sustainability pathways and embedding sustainability into the business or organisational strategy is often quite difficult.  3S is skilled at helping navigate a clear path through these difficulties, to achieve the desired outcomes and goals.  3S utilises the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) in its approach.  This framework for strategically planning, monitoring and reporting on organisational sustainability is complex, so 3S has developed a simplified process which applies a matrix approach to support the identification of issues, and the business case for addressing them, along with a set of skills required to progress from just a compliance position to a compliance plus approach to sustainability, identifying opportunities to make savings, increase productivity, exploit new directions and help reduce risk and future proof the organisation.

An example of a GRI-based sustainability report produced in Tasmania can be found at Tassal Sustainability Report.

View our GRI certification.

Carbon Accounting – carbon accounting enables your organisation to monitor the amount of carbon (CO2) emissions you generate in tonnes (CO2-e tonnes) and champion these reductions with your customers and suppliers.  It could even enable you to become carbon neutral, the “holy grail” of many blue chip companies that realise the importance of sustainability to growing and supporting their brand in future.  ThisCarbon accounting provides the business with the ability to predict increase in costs, monitor reduction targets, plan offsetting activities, promote your carbon activities to clients and shareholders and to identify opportunities and risks inherent in the development of a low carbon economy.

Measure to manage – assistance with measurement tools and data analysis to help you monitor resource usage, detect areas for efficiencies, achieve savings and identify new opportunities.

Energy Data Form       Greenwaresways chart

Pilot Project Design and Stakeholder Engagement – when organisations, individuals and communities embark on efficiencies and sustainable actions, pilots are a great way to proceed.  Well designed pilots identify champions and early adopters of change along with the tricky barriers that plague change projects when they go unidentified.  We can assist in the design and implementation of pilot projects and appropriate stakeholder engagement strategies to help you achieve your objectives in a defined timeframe and within budget.

Solar PV & Solar Hot Water advisory, feasibility, tendering, evaluating, and projectRooftop PV management of installation – assisting business to make the right choices in a transparent way to optimise energy production and achieve cost effective solutions.  (Case studies)

Tourism sustainability practices, accreditation and award submission consulting services – helping tourism operators to implement sustainable practices, gain accreditation and seek industry awards.

Efficient Driver Training Courses  – delivery of training in eco-driving Eco Driving, as vehicle  emissions are Tasmania’s largest emissions.  As we say in Eco driving: “Less gas, less crash, more cash!”.  Read more.

Community Projects – working with community groups to stimulate engagement, research and identify key drivers, devise and deliver explanatory workshops and materials to achieve commitment and “buy-in” to achieve desired outcomes, as well as assistance with grant applications.

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Facilitation & Training – to build capacity and capability in all of the services listed above, an organisation will also need to engage a variety of its internal and external stakeholders so that new ways of thinking are cultivated along with systems supporting efficiency, innovation and value adding.  3S designs workshops and courses to suit an organisations needs, both accredited and non-accredited.  Utilising a diverse range of skills and experience (see About Us), along with excellent facilitation skills, 3S prides itself on being able to get alongside and engage with people from a variety of positions internal and external to the organisation.  By bringing our people and community along for the ride we can access our greatest resource in bringing about sustainable and well managed change.