About Us

Living and working well is our goal for ourselves and our clients.  We are sole traders running low carbon offices from our energy efficient homes.  Savings that arise from this are passes on to our clients.  We support, coach and consult with businesses and individuals to enable them to achieve sustainability; socially, environmentally and economically.

Sarah LoweSarah is passionate about engaging with community and empowering others to live well. Her approach is to “walk the talk” and promote positive actions being taken by individuals, business and community, to use evidence based approach to issues and to engage responsibly with stakeholders, building relationships between those with differing world views. Sarah has developed a range of skills that support her aspirations including; a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Education for Sustainability from Swinburne University, Community Based Social Marketing, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4).  She has added these to a range of Business, Training, HR and Design qualifications. Sarah has managed a variety of businesses, including her own, for the past two decades and has delivered management and behavioural change training over that period.  Click on her photo to learn more.

Andrew WatsonAndrew is an ardent and infectious advocate of sustainability and uses every opportunity to promote it with individuals, business and the community.  He is qualified in carbon accounting and is a qualified Home and Business Sustainability Assessor having assessed many hundreds of houses and several businesses and other organisations.  He is knowledgeable in alternative power and water systems such as solar hot water, photovoltaics (PV) and water recycling, and has a wealth of experience in permaculture, organics and worm farming.  He has developed and delivers training in eco driving.  Click on his photo to learn more.

JM profileJudy is an experienced business analyst and consultant with a career spanning 30 years and has also managed her own business.  Judy has broad experience across many sectors including government, financial, utilities, information technology & telecommunications, and retail.  She has worked at many levels including strategy, planning and business process, to operational improvement practices.  Judy has a Masters in Social Ecology focussing on sustainable living in both commercial, residential and community contexts, is a qualified Home and Business Sustainability Assessor and holds a Permaculture Design Certificate.  Click on her photo to learn more.

Mike Willson

Mike is an experienced environmental consultant focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, project management, and business and home sustainability assessments. He has a career spanning 30 years including managing his own business.  He has broad experience dealing with many sectors including government, petrochemical, fire brigades, aviation, power generation and others.  Mike holds an honours degree in Natural Environmental Science, an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Conservation majoring in climate change, sustainable development, habitat restoration, planning & impact assessments, environmental economics, and is a qualified Home and Business Sustainability Assessor.  Click on his photo to learn more.